Workers Compensation Insurance

You are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance for your production if you have employees. One of the biggest issues we find as an agency is when production companies hire subcontractors for help but they do so without outlining or being explicitly clear about the relationship to the subcontractor. The issue presents itself […]

Film, Media, & Faulty Stock Coverage

Every film production company should consider having this coverage on their insurance plan. Once the footage is captured and stored on film or digital cards you can expose (no pun intended) yourself to new perils: For instance what if the post production team goes to download the files and they are corrupt somehow? Or what […]

Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance

Does your company use your personally owned vehicle for your production company? Do you rent grip trucks or use other peoples’ vehicles during your film production? Rental Vehicles that you rent under your business name will require hired and non-owned auto insurance liability. If you have employees’ that are using their own personal vehicles for […]

Rented Equipment Insurance

This specific coverage for camera, lighting, and other production related equipment is usually required by the Rental Equipment House you are renting from. It is important that you have your insurance agent review the terms of the contract (pertaining only to the insurance portion as we are not attorneys) to make sure the coverages required […]

International Liability

If your film, event, or production (or whatever it is for that matter) takes place outside the United States at any point, it is important to consider insurance coverage that could provide insurance for lawsuits stemming from international operations. Foreign Liability is typically not insured under ‘regular’ or business owners types of policies. Therefore, let […]

Assault & Battery Insurance

Many individuals that are getting into the security guard business are looking for assault and battery coverage. Assault and battery insurance protects the security guard from vigorous claims that come up when a person was assaulted or hurt. In fact many nightclubs, strip clubs, bars, and retail stores are adding assault and battery coverage to […]

Guild Travel Accident Insurance

SAG AFTRA and other union guilds require that your provide Travel Accident insurance if you are utilizing their personnel. The guild policy provides coverage for travel to and from the production site. For Guild members, it also covers hazardous activities that are performed in association with the production and that are part of the Collective […]

Essential Elements Cast Insurance (EE)

Similar to Key Person life insurance for business planning, Essential Element coverage helps provide 1st party property coverage in the event a ‘key’ person is no longer able to provide the services once agreed upon. Essential Element based Cast Insurance will (if the terms are spelled out correctly in the policy) allow the insured to […]