Certificates of Insurance

A quick reference guide for business owners




Our Certificate of Insurance Capabilities

  • Proprietary Certificate of Insurance tool that allows you to generate your own certificates of insurance through the Kelly Insurance Group portal.  This tool allows you to login to our client portal and get a certificate when it matters most! 
  • Access to our 24/7 certificate service team that can be contacted during a certificate of insurance emergency.
  • Experienced and proficient in various 3rd party certificate clearing houses such as: NetVendor, ISNETWORLD.
  • Free contract or agreement review to determine certificate requirements.

Additional Wording Examples on Certificates of Insurance

If a blanket Additional Insured is being used on a policy, does the Additional Insured information or certificate need to be sent to the insurance company?

If a blanket Additional Insured is on the policy, the Additional Insured information or certificate only needs to be sent to the insurance carrier if the Additional Insured requires Notice of Cancellation or if the Agent would like the insurer to issue the renewal certificate. If they do not require Notice of Cancellation and the Agent prefers to issue their own renewal certificates, the Additional Insured information does not need to be sent to the insurance company.  

*This information is generally true.  Some insurance carriers may have different ways of handling the additional insured by blanket record keeping. 

What really is the difference between a Specific waiver and Blanket waiver?
Although, they both use the same form (WC000313), there is a difference in scope and premium. Specific waiver wording on the Declaration page describes “one contractor, one job”, whereas Blanket language is considered as “any contractor, any job”. Larger blanket premium reflects exposure.


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