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Stagecraft, with its complex and multifaceted character, inherently involves a variety of risks and potential liabilities. Recognizing this, Kelly Insurance is poised to craft a comprehensive insurance program specifically designed for stagecraft businesses. This program is meticulously tailored to cater to the distinct and varied needs inherent in the field, ensuring robust protection and peace of mind for those engaged in this dynamic industry

Insurance Specialization in Stage Lighting and Truss Systems

Welcome to Kelly Insurance, a leader in providing specialized insurance solutions for stage lighting and truss systems in the entertainment and production sectors. Under the guidance of Jonathan Kelly, our firm is committed to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by stagecraft professionals.

With a focus on tailored insurance policies, we ensure comprehensive coverage for risks associated with stage lighting and truss systems. Our clientele ranges from small theaters to major production companies, all benefiting from our expert risk assessment and customized insurance plans.

Our mission at Kelly Insurance is to deliver professional and reliable insurance services that protect your assets and support the continuity of your operations. Partner with us for peace of mind, knowing your stagecraft business is safeguarded by a team of dedicated specialists.

How Kelly Insurance Can Support Stagecraft Businesses

Given the diverse and technical nature of stagecraft, there are several risks and liabilities associated with it. Kelly Insurance can develop a comprehensive insurance program tailored for stagecraft businesses that addresses these unique needs:

Property Insurance: To cover damage or loss of expensive equipment like lighting, audio systems, costumes, and props.

Liability Insurance: To protect against claims of bodily injury or property damage. This is crucial for stagecraft where the public and performers interact with potentially hazardous equipment and environments.

Business Interruption Insurance: To cover losses if a production is halted due to covered risks like equipment failure, fire, or natural disasters.

Workers Compensation: To cover injuries to employees, which is particularly relevant in stagecraft where physical labor and interaction with technical equipment are common.

Professional Liability Insurance: Also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, this covers legal defense and damages for failure to perform professional services, especially in technical aspects like lighting and sound design.

Event Cancellation Insurance: In case a production or event is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, this insurance can cover lost income and expenses.

Customized Solutions: Understanding that each stagecraft business has unique needs, offering tailored insurance solutions. This can include coverage for specific projects, touring productions, or one-off events.

Risk Assessment and Management: Providing expert advice on identifying and mitigating risks specific to stagecraft, including safety training and equipment maintenance.

Claims Support: Offering robust support in the event of a claim, ensuring that businesses can recover and resume operations quickly.




In the dynamic world of stagecraft, the role of stage lighting and truss systems is integral to the success of any production, whether it’s a theatrical performance, a film set, or a concert. At Kelly Insurance, we recognize the importance of these elements and offer specialized insurance solutions to protect them. This section aims to shed light on the basics of stage lighting and truss systems and their various applications.

Stage lighting is more than just illuminating a space; it is an art form that sets the mood, directs attention, and enhances the overall aesthetic of a production. Different types of stage lighting serve distinct purposes:

  1. LED Lighting: Known for its energy efficiency and versatility, LED lighting is a popular choice in modern stagecraft. It offers a wide range of colors and intensities, making it ideal for both subtle ambiance and dramatic effects.

  2. Laser Lighting: Often used in concerts and large-scale events, laser lighting creates sharp, intense beams of light that add a dynamic visual element to any performance.

  3. Theatrical Lighting: This encompasses a range of fixtures, including spotlights and floodlights, crucial for highlighting actors, creating depth, and conveying emotions on stage.

  4. Concert Lighting: Tailored to energize live music events, concert lighting combines various fixtures and effects, like strobes and moving lights, to complement the rhythm and atmosphere of the performance.

Each of these lighting types comes with its own set of challenges and risks, from the technical complexity of installation to the potential for electrical issues. Understanding these nuances is vital in crafting effective insurance coverage.

Truss systems serve as the structural framework for mounting and positioning lighting, audio equipment, and scenery. They range from simple setups to complex, engineered structures:

  1. Aluminum Truss: Lightweight yet strong, aluminum trusses are a common choice for various events, offering ease of assembly and flexibility in design.

  2. Lighting Truss: Specifically designed to support lighting fixtures, these trusses can be configured in numerous ways to achieve the desired lighting effects.

  3. Theatrical and Concert Truss: These are tailored to the specific needs of theatre productions and concerts, where the truss must support not only lighting but also audio equipment and often elaborate set designs.

In recognizing the crucial role and inherent risks of stage lighting and truss systems, Kelly Insurance is committed to providing comprehensive insurance solutions. We ensure that every aspect, from LED fixtures to complex truss structures, is covered, allowing stagecraft professionals to focus on their art without worrying about the unexpected.

Stagecraft refers to the technical aspects of theatrical, film, and video production. This encompasses a broad range of activities, including:

  1. Constructing and Rigging Scenery: Building the physical surroundings in which the action takes place. This involves carpentry, painting, and mechanical rigging to ensure that sets are safe and functional.

  2. Lighting: Designing and implementing lighting plans that enhance the visual aesthetics and contribute to the storytelling. This includes selecting appropriate fixtures, placing lights, and programming lighting boards.

  3. Costume Design and Procurement: Creating or sourcing costumes that reflect the characters and the period of the production.

  4. Make-Up: Applying makeup to actors to enhance or alter their appearance for the role.

  5. Stage Management: Overseeing the overall organization of the production, including rehearsals, performances, and coordination of technical aspects.

  6. Audio Engineering: Managing the sound aspects, including the design, setup, and operation of sound systems.

  7. Procurement of Props: Sourcing or creating objects used on stage to support the story.

  8. Special Effects: Creating visual or auditory effects to enhance the storytelling.


  1. Electrical Hazards: With complex wiring and high power usage, stage lights and spotlights pose electrical risks. Regular inspections, proper installation, and adherence to safety standards are essential to prevent accidents.

  2. Heat Generation: Lights, especially traditional incandescent spotlights, generate significant heat. This requires adequate ventilation and safe placement to avoid overheating and potential fire hazards.

  3. Rigging and Mounting: The rigging systems that support lights must be robust and regularly checked. Faulty rigging can lead to equipment falling, posing a serious risk to performers and crew.

  4. Operator Training: Trained technicians should operate stage lighting equipment to ensure it is used safely and effectively.

  1. Liability Insurance: This is critical for any accidents that might occur as a result of lighting equipment malfunctioning or improper installation. It covers legal fees and damages, offering financial protection against claims of bodily injury or property damage.

  2. Property Insurance: Protects your lighting equipment investment, covering repairs or replacements if the equipment is damaged due to accidents, electrical malfunctions, or other covered perils.

  3. Workers’ Compensation: Essential for businesses with employees operating or interacting with stage lighting. It provides coverage for medical expenses and lost wages in case of work-related injuries.

  4. Professional Indemnity Insurance: For those who provide technical advice or services in stage lighting, this insurance can cover claims arising from errors or negligence in your professional capacity.

Beyond offering these insurance products, Kelly Insurance advocates for a proactive approach to risk management. Regular safety audits, employee training, and adhering to industry standards are just as vital as having the right insurance coverage. By combining these practices with comprehensive insurance, stagecraft professionals can significantly reduce the risks associated with stage lighting and spotlights.

At Kelly Insurance, we are committed to shining a light on safety and protection in the world of stagecraft. With our tailored insurance solutions, you can focus on creating memorable experiences, confident in the knowledge that your production, crew, and assets are well-protected.

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