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Whenever organizing a special event, there are a multitude of tasks that must be completed in order to have a successful function. During the planning of your event, take a moment to consider some of the topics on this page, we think it could be useful during the planning of your event. 


Below will just give you a brief idea of some of the available types of coverages for your special event.  Give us a call or contact us today,  Ask us how we can help. 


Accident insurance for special events is often overlooked, but extremely important. During a special event, spectators and participants of the event are usually looked upon as first party to the insurance. What this means is that if you are a spectator or a participant and you are injured, unless there is workers compensation in place for you, it could be very difficult for you to have any of your medical bills paid for without having to sue the host of the event. A great benefit about accident insurance is that you can choose to have it cover the participants and spectators on a no-fault basis; which means neither the host of the event or the injured person need to be at fault. With such a policy, the spectators and participants don’t need to hire an attorney and sue the host in order for their medical bills to be paid for. As long as the organizer/host of the event confirms the injury happened during the event, the claims process becomes quite smooth.  
Limits seen on accident policies are usually much less than what is seen on general liability type of policies. Occasionally you will see $25,000 limits per accident, and $100,000 maximum per event. There are many different coverages and limits available under an accident insurance plan during a special event. Contact us today, better yet text us at 412-212-8577 for expert advice.
Regarding special events, general liability insurance typically protects the organizer of the event against claims or lawsuits regarding bodily injury suffered at the hands of the host or organizer. Further, the host or organizer of the event could also be responsible for the actions of the participants and even the spectators. It is important to recognize that third-party property damage is not general liability insurance and should be treated accordingly. For more on third-party property damage look further into the section or click on the link here.
There are many different sort of issues that could arise during a special event that could activate general liability coverage. For instance, there could be a foodborne illness that affects many of the individuals attending; One of the spectators of the event could accidentally cause bodily injury to a bystander by accidentally poking them in the eye with an umbrella during the event; another common situation during events are slip and fall injuries. 
Just to reiterate, general liability insurance is only meant for third parties and not meant for those participating and hosting the event. In other words a host or its participants can’t realistically seek litigation against themselves. Of course there are always exceptions, so please give our office a call and we can help figure out a plan for your special event.
Property damage insurance for a special event can sometimes be coupled with general liability insurance. For the sake of this exercise let us discuss property damage insurance singularly. Property damage coverage protects the host/organizer of the event against claims or lawsuits that allege the event contributed to damaged property.   As an example if you were installing art for the special event and you caused damage during the installation of a piece of art, such an accident could fall under property damage. What is interesting about this type of claim is that some carriers may not look at this type of accident as property damage, they would look at it as third-party property damage. Click on this link to learn more about third-party property damage. 
Honestly, there are many issues about how and when property damage liability insurance is to pay out and when it is to not pay out. To complicate matters even more, some agents will use the same Termanology when referencing damage to rented premises, and property damage liability. Get the straight answer give us a call today, we’d be happy to discuss your insurance needs. 
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Quite often we find that most reputable venues will require the contract/agreeement signer to procure some type of general liability insurance coverage, amongst other pertinent related insurance coverages.  Kelly Insurance Group promises to provide the required coverage relative to your contract, ensuring your event meets the requirements of the venue. 

Even if your event is not required to carry insurance, more often than not purchasing special event liability insurance could be the best decision you’ll make. Give our agency a call today, you’ll be happy you did.