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Home Insurance

New home purchases, or new builds, manufactured homes, or foreclosures, we can help in almost all cases. Be careful when selecting your coverage as HO-2, HO-3, and HO-5 policies are much different from one another, but many agents do not discuss what type you will be getting. Instead, they will just offer a quote without offering any education on the specifics of coverage offered.
  • In almost all cases, the HO-5 Home Insurance Policies will provide the best level of protection for the homeowner.
  • A non-endorsed HO-3 Policy may not provide coverage for interior damage resulting from exterior damage that was negligently caused.

    Example: A large tree branch looms over the brand new slate roof of a cape cop home. One day without warning, the tree branch snaps and falls into the roof, causing massive amounts of interior and exterior damage. As the insurance claim is investigated, it is found that the tree was stricken with some kind of disease, in addition to being completely infested with ants. Under an HO-3, the exterior and structure of the home would have been covered (usually in most cases), but the damage sustained to personal property could be excluded. HO-3 Home Insurance Policies typically have named peril coverage on contents, and all peril coverage for the building.

  • An HO-2 policy will typically be named peril coverage for both the home/building and the contents. Be careful when selecting this coverage, or make sure you know which form of coverage you are getting by asking your insurance agent. If you are indeed getting an HO-2 policy, your coverage will be extremely limited in scope and only the types of losses named in the policy will be covered. Remember, there are way too many types of losses that could happen in this world…, and to be limited to named peril would be far worse than ideal.

Types of Homes We Insure

  • Normal Site Built Homes
  • Large Custom Homes including New Buildsvalues over $1,000,000
  • Condominiums – HO-6
  • Townhomes – These homes could be stand alone or attached to other homes. Usually operated by a master association, the manner in which the insurance is to respond is predicated on the bylaws that govern the townhome association. Sometimes you may find these home written on a HO-3, HO-5, or an HO-6. It is important that you review the association’s bylaws prior to making any decisions on your insurance. Also, have discussions with your insurance agent and make sure you send the bylaws to the insurance agency for review and coverage applicability.
  • Seasonal and Secondary Homes
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Cabins
  • Historically Important Homes or Insurance for Historical Landmarks
  • Coastal Properties – Coverage selection can become extremely important in
    coastal areas as many home insurance policies will only include named peril coverage for the contents of these homes. If you have a named peril policy for the contents of your home, that means; if something strange or negligent happens to your roof, none of your contents may be covered, not to mention your actual home. Damaged contents due to a leaky roof may also not be covered. Remember, if you have a coastal property, see about flood insurance.
  • Builders Risk
  • Dome Home Insurance
  • Green Homes
  • Row Homes
  • Older Homes
  • Homes with Solar Panels
  • Hobbie Farms
  • Homes with Flat Roofs (or Insurance for Rolled Roofing)
  • Vacant Homes – Click here to learn about vacant homes.

Automobile Insurance

Yes we can provide many discounts – Yes you can use us to bundle and save on packaging your auto and home insurance together. Yes you can switch and save money on your auto insurance if you switch to us. Yes Yes Yes!

Haven’t you heard this from just about every single auto insurance agency or auto insurance company known to exist? Shouldn’t the real question be about the real world results of coverage related claim issues? Shouldn’t we be talking about Torts and Medical Payments and how it applies to the consumer/insured? Apparently, based upon how the major automobile insurance companies advertise their products, the only thing people care about is fundamentally not allowing any common public to discover and learn about what their insurance policies could or could not cover. Rather, everyone is focused on saving money. With a good insurance agent, you will find the best price is a by-product of the manner in which we deal.

Classic Vehicle Insurance

Antique Cars & Motorcycles

Kelly Insurance Group has specialized in interesting and affordable insurance since our founding in 1957. There are plenty of times when a classic vehicle or an antique car can be scheduled on a personal auto insurance policy, but for those other times when a special policy is needed, we can help. We can insure most vintage vehicles on a classic car policy or a classic motorcycle policy. However if you have a vehicle that is no longer being manufactured, then you may also qualify for a classic auto insurance policy. Depending on the value of the vehicle, coverage selections, and driver history, policies can be under $200 per year. Keep in mind these types of policies do have mileage limitations, so the policy holders should be aware of the maximum allowable miles able to be driven annually.
Examples of some of the vehicles we have insured, or currently insure: Pontiac Monte Carlo – Chevrolet Corvette – Ford Mustang – Porsche – Ferrari – Model T – Kit Cars – Sunbeam Tiger – MG – Volkswagen – Volvo – Dodge Viper – Caprice Classic

Umbrella | Personal Excess | Catastrophe

Providing an extra layer of personal liability protection for you, your Trust, Family, etc, a personal umbrella policy typically activates after the underlying personal liability policy’s limits are exhausted. Often we think about ourselves when it comes to purchasing insurance. In other words, when we buy auto insurance we think about the coverages applicable to our own situations, like what deductible should be chosen and etc., But, if you think about how terrible it would be if you were at fault in a vehicle accident and you caused someone to have terrible injuries, wouldn’t you want that person, mom, dad, son, daughter, to have access to your excess liability policy so that they may be able to have some degree of help from the at fault party. If you think about it from the perspective of how bad for someone else it could be, your heart may be swayed to purchase such a policy. Another great reason to purchase these Personal Cat policies is that it helps protect your personal assets from being in play during an automobile liability litigation case.

Inland Marine or Valuables

Believe it or not, there are some home insurance companies that can provide coverage (sometimes $50,000 or more) for fine art and jewelry if it is stored in a bank vault? Otherwise you really need to be careful about how you intend to insure your valuables. It is true that there is some coverage you may find for fine art and valuables under a typical home insurance policy, but this is rarely enough. In fact, we cannot recall whenever there was a ‘total loss’ or a ‘worst case’ when an insured said ‘I should have bought less coverage.’ Our founder would say to you, ‘if you can afford it, and you need it, you should probably buy it.’

Examples of some items we have insured:

  • 0.4 Carat Total Weight Engagement Ring Set in 14 Yellow Gold
  • Richard Mille RM-011 ‘Felipe Massa’
  • Rolex – Presidential, Datejust, etc
  • David Yurman Schedules
  • International Travel with scheduled articles
  • Likeness Charms
  • Cuban Link Gold Necklaces with values over $100,000

Rental Property

Landlord Insurance or Fire Insurance

Kind of like the lessor’s risk of personal lines insurance. There are many terms that describe a non-owner occupied residential structure : Dwelling Fire Insurance – Landlord Insurance – Fire Insurance – Rental Property Insurance – Non Owner Occupied. Whatever the term may be, it is important that you can distinguish the difference between a home insurance policy and a policy that has the insurance location not occupied by the policyholder. Loss of Rents coverage is just one of the many reasons why getting the correct policy for your residential structure is so important. Give us a call today, or tomorrow.  If you are interested in learning more about vacant home insurance, click here

National Accounts

We value our customers and understand how difficult it can be to find an experienced agent willing to work with extremely high net worth individuals, trusts, and families. Oftentimes customers with many homes in many different states have to play telephone in order to conduct normal insurance business relating to those properties. Our agency can provide a one stop resource for such a need. There is not a limit to our capabilities in terms of building values or square footage. If you are a customer that needs something extra from their insurance providers, you may have found just that in Kelly Insurance Group.


Travel insurance is your ticket to worry-free exploration. It provides vital protection against unexpected disruptions, ensuring you’re not left facing financial burdens. From trip cancellations to lost luggage, travel insurance acts as a safety net. It covers non-refundable expenses, emergency medical situations, and offers 24/7 assistance. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, near or far, travel insurance gives you the peace of mind to focus on creating unforgettable memories. Don’t let unforeseen events spoil your journey. Invest in travel insurance and embark on your adventures with confidence, knowing you’re protected every step of the way.

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