Production & Entertainment Related Insurance

Kelly Insurance Group can provide insurance products for each facet of the entertainment industry.  Maybe a look below at some of our capabilities would give you an idea of our abilities. We hope you learn something while you’re here.

D.I.C.E. is short for Documentaries, Industrials, Commercials, and Educational Films.  Some Insurance Carriers will not provide coverage for documentaries, so that coverage would be called I.C.E Producers Insurance 

Coverage can be purchased for one day up to 30 days.  There are some insurance companies that will allow short term productions to be insured under 60 day policies.  If your production will last longer than 60 days, consider looking into a Film Production Portfolio Policy

Most production policies will exclude coverage for inherently dangerous activities.  Therefore, the production must schedule these stunts or chase scenes on the Production Insurance Policy.  Fight Scenes, Water Scenes, Fall Scenes, Gun Use, and Animal use are just a short list of some of the activities you need to schedule.  Click here for more information about stunts