Seeking premier insurance solutions for your entertainment or production enterprise? Allow us to introduce our unparalleled Entertainment and Production Insurance policies, meticulously crafted to meet the intricate needs of your distinctive business. Our exhaustive coverage comprehensively safeguards various dimensions of your enterprise, ranging from event orchestration to specialized rigging and extensive production processes.





D.I.C.E. Producer Insurance

DICE is an abbreviation for : Documentaries, Industrial (s), Commercial (s), and Educational Films. Typically DICE Producers will have various projects throughout the year. We usually refer to these types of companies as DICE Producers but the public may refer to these as Production Companies. However and whatever your production company does, be open and honest with your insurance broker so that it becomes their responsibility to do what’s right. If you plan on having hazardous activities or stunts in any of your productions take a look here for some additional considerations and capabilities. Within a DICE Insurance Policy (or D.I.C.E.) there are still very important coverage provisions that should be considered. These types of policies typically last 12 months and can be paid monthly (with a downpayment) Talk to your agent about the best plan of attack for your entertainment business.

Film Production Portfolio Insurance

If possible, we suggest these types of insurance policies for most productions that are singular in nature (not a series, for instance). Film Portfolio Coverage can be referred to by many different names by many different insurance program providers.

Short Term Production Insurance

If you have a production that only has a few days worth of photography, a short term production policy could be right for you and your team. Although you can have up to a $million dollar budget with this type of policy, Kelly Insurance Group suggests short term production policies for budgets of under $100,000. If you have a budget for your film of over $100,000, you are probably better off purchasing a production portfolio policy. Call our office today to find our more about our capabilities. Or just email us 🙂

Foreign Productions

Most general liability policies have gaps in coverage when your production or event takes place outside of the United States. If your filming locations or event locations are taking place outside of the continental US, you need to talk with us about properly extending coverage for such an activity.

Entertainment Equipment Floater

By far this is one of the most requested types of coverages at Kelly Insurance Group. We can insure your production equipment for as little as one day and for as long as 365 days. Examples of types of equipment we insure.

Budget Requirements

We like you whether you have a $30,000,000 production budget or a Student Thesis Film with no (00.00) budget. In other words, we work with you and give you our time no matter your budget, we gotcha.

Limits of Coverage Available

Our agency can provide limits of liability for your production company from $500,000 up to $50,000,000. We would like to hear from you no matter the size of your project. Text us today! (412) 212-8577

Insurance Certificates at your Fingertips

If you need to issue certificates of insurance at all hours, or at odd hours, or perhaps you just prefer to have the power to do it yourself, we gotcha. You can generate your own certificates of insurance right here . Of course you have to have an active production insurance or entertainment insurance policy but rest assured you can do your own certs right here .

Types of Insurance to Consider for Your Production:

Interesting Points

Believe it or not 50% of the time production companies will be looking for insurance ONLY due to the fact that they are required to show a certificate of insurance for renting gear or shooting at a specific location. We call this kind of a customer a ‘just gimme it’ customer. We love these customers because what they need is listed on a piece of paper (usually a contract or service agreement). Just send that contract or document over via the online chat feature below.. If you are a ‘just gimme it,’ we can work with you to provide the most streamlined and cost effective solution to your insurance requirement. If you need it quick and dirty, just tell us and we will work in a most expeditious manner for you.

Commercial General Liability for DICE Producers and Miscellaneous Productions

Protects the assets of the production company during their film shoots. This Production Insurance type includes the bodily injury and property damage type coverages, generally speaking. If your production will be located in a public park you will certainly be required to carry this coverage. Some private locations such as large homes or plots of land will most likely require General Liability Insurance as well. Usually DICE risks that require D.I.C.E. Insurance will be rated based on the total annual production costs of the firm.

Workers Compensation Insurance

You are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance for your production if you have employees. One of the biggest issues we find as an agency is when production companies hire subcontractors for help but they do so without really outlining the relationship to the subcontractor. The issue presents itself when/if the subcontractor injures themselves and they come to the production company expecting their medical bills and loss of income will be paid. Make sure that your subcontractor knows that they will be 1099’d at the end of the year and also make sure they know they are not an employee. A best practice is to have your subcontractors invoice for the production company for their work done while also providing the production company with a certificate of insurance. Check out a short blip on a recently passed law in California regarding this specific issue. What is California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5)?

Business Auto Insurance

The usual work of production companies does involve travel. Typically this is done in an automobile, in most circumstances. Whether you are driving to the shooting location, using a vehicle in a production, or simply running to get donuts for the crew, you need Business Auto Insurance, whether or not you own the vehicle being used in the work. Traffic accidents are far too common, happening at least 35,000 times per year in this country. When a vehicle accident happens there are many items to consider: Did the accident cause injury to some body or their vehicle? Who was at fault? Without this coverage your business’ assets could be in jeopardy. If you personally own your car but you have the vehicle scheduled under a Business Auto Insurance Policy, coverage could be in question. On the other side of the coin it is important that you check with your agent (or contact us) to see what automobile coverage is best for you and your business.

Hired and Non Owned Auto Insurance

Think about this situation for a moment; You have promised your crew donuts and coffee before the start of photography tomorrow. You are running late because of obvious insurance issues with your ‘other’ agent :). So, you ask your 74 year old mom to pick up the donuts and coffee at Dunkin’ and take them over to the set. Well, your mom causes a major car accident in the process and she was at fault in some pretty significant bodily injury and property damage. If you did NOT purchase this HNOA (hired and non owned auto coverage), you could be in a pretty serious situation. It may be not a donut run, but it could be a situation where you are scouting locations in your personal vehicle. Take a look at this claim example here. We do our best to include this coverage on all of our quotes. Keeping in mind this coverage can sometimes be upwards of $385.00 on the low end.

Hired Car Physical Damage Coverage

If you are renting a vehicle, borrowing a vehicle, or using your personally owned vehicle for your production or event what happens if you wreck the vehicle? We know that hired and non-owned auto insurance only applies to the liability that you pose to others, so how does your hired/borrowed vehicle’s damage get fixed? The only way to get the damage fixed on a hired or borrowed vehicle is by purchasing the Hired Car Physical Damage Coverage.

Cast Extra Expense Insurance

Cast Insurance or Cast extra expense coverage is an option for most all production programs. These options include blanket coverage with sickness (no medicals required), blanket coverage without sickness, and family bereavement. To put it simply if you have a cast member that becomes ill and cannot make it to the shoot that day, this coverage will activate and pay the production company for expenses surrounding the cast member not being able to perform their duties.

Stunt Insurance Including Pyrotechnic Insurance and Precision Driving – Scene Insurance

Our team at Kelly Insurance can provide coverage for Stunts, Gun Blanks, Fight Scenes, and most any other choreographed production activity. This coverage can be applied for both DICE Productions that need Stunt Coverage but also this Stunt Man Coverage can be applied to Short Term Productions. Our agency has recently expanded its spectrum of eligible productions that involve stunts. We can provide insurance for pyrotechnics during an event or production, demolitions during film shoots or contracting work, explosions for stunt sequence, and not to mention car races/scenes along with motorcycle chases have all been added to our portfolio of eligible stunts. As always we have been able to also provide insurance for fight shots, stunt falls from buildings, the use of blanks, hot air balloon projects

Third Party Property Damage Insurance

This coverage can sometimes be abbreviated as TPPD. Third Party Property Damage Coverage for Events and Productions is insurance that covers others peoples’ property (real property location) while it is in the care,custody, and control of the Production Company or Event. TPPD Insurance is location specific and you should scout your locations with this in mind as you may be required to purchase this insurance. Third Party Property Damage for Productions or Events also has varying coverage limits that can drastically increase your total premium depending on the size of the production budget.

ABOUT US : Kelly Insurance Group issued its first entertainment insurance policy in the 1970’s. Now, over 50 years later, our boutique approach to solving your insurance buying pursuits still exists with gusto. Although our headquarters is located in Pittsburgh proper, we have offices in Los Angeles and Detroit. Text us today!

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