Pollution Liability Insurance

More often than not those that purchase Pollution Liability are required to do so due to a contract requirement.  There are many exceptions to this but generally speaking, our agency provides this type of coverage when the customer has indicated that a new job has required them to purchase additional insurance coverages. 

Limits of Insurance for Pollution Liability can be as low as $500,000 but typically $1,000,000 is the usual and customary.  When the Department of Agriculture requests proof of pollution, pesticide, or professional liability, the limit is almost always $1,000,000 per occurrence.  

Environmental Liability Insurance & Pollution Liability Insurance.

The Environmental Package Insurance Program

A typical benefit enjoyed from an Environmental Package Insurance Policy is a coverage provision that includes Pollution Liability Coverage.  That is, when you purchase an Environmental Liability Insurance Policy, pollution coverage is usually included.  Double check to make sure your Environmental Policy includes pollution coverage. 

Environmental Package Policy Coverage Highlights :

  • General Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Professional Liability

If you just have Pollution Coverage, you are just getting Pollution Insurance.  The Environmental Package Policy provides a number of different coverage provisions designed for the classification that best describes your business.  alone.  

Environmental Package Insurance from Kelly Insurance Group

Insurance Types and Coverages available for Pollution Liability Insurance

Site Pollution Insurance

Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance

Environmental Insurance Coverage

Transportation Pollution Liability

Storage Tank Liability Insurance

Premises Pollution Liability Coverage

Pollution Liability Insurance

Non Trucking Bobtail Liability

Pollution Legal Liability Coverage

Contractors Pollution Liability

Marine Pollution Liability

Environmental Liability Insurance

Examples of Pollution Liability Claims

Bio-Diesel Fuel Manufacturer spills 50 gallon drums of cooking oil on the highway.

A Landscaping company doesn’t cap their gas tank on their old dump truck and the gas goes spilling all over the freeway. 

 A civil engineer consults on a waste water pumping facility during the initial construction.  5 years later, a severe leak was discovered near a commercially navigable body of water.  Even though the civil engineer was not directly responsible, they were still held liable along with the owners and other contractors. 

A team of tree trimmers and arborist arrive at a worksite to prune and treat various conifers and deciduous trees.  During the treatment process for one of the Hemlocks, a leak was discovered in one of the acephate treatment containers.  The problem was that the tank was just filled moments ago and now the container is completely empty.