Broker of Record

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What is a BOR?

The term BOR refers to Broker of Record.  Sometimes referred to also as an Agent of Record.  There are times when a commercial insurance customer (it can be personal insurance, too) needs to assert their preference to have a particular broker/agent working on their behalf.  

What does a Broker of Record Letter Do?

Ultimately, the signing of a Broker of Record letter designates your chosen Insurance Agency as it relates to a specific insurance carrier.  That means only that specific agency is allowed to transact/quote/issue a policy on your behalf.  Such authority would typically remain in force until you deem otherwise necessary.



  • Your current insurance agency never seems to call back
  • Your basic questions seem to never get answered.
  • Your policy number hasn’t changed in years.
  • Everything just seems to be a problem when you call or email.
  • The easy Certificates of Insurance take days to get back.
  • You feel like your current agent never has time for you.
  • Difficult Questions are not answered thoroughly and effectively.
  • Your Current Agency seems to never have it together. 
  • Your current agency does not allow you to generate your own certificates.
  • Leaving messages at the office for a call back is routine.
  • Insurance Consultations never seen to happen, you just pay your bill.
    • You feel pressured to sign.
    • You are not sure EXACTLY what is happening.
    • It feels like everyone is asking you to sign the BOR.
    • Everything seems downplayed
    • The New Agency’s phone number is an ‘800’ Number.
    • The new agency refuses to give you their cell phone number. 

Need Something Else?

Some Insurance Companies may not allow you to switch your Insurance Agent

Captive Insurance Agents have the most difficult time transferring business from one agent to another due to a customer request for a new agent. When a customer requests a new agent for their old auto insurance policy, they may not be able to have their policy assigned to a new agent.  Yes, it is usually problematic and involves much unneeded bureaucracy.   

Problems to consider before signing a BROKER or AGENT of RECORD DOCUMENT

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