Building Program Insurance



When renovating or constructing a new building, among the voluminous line items of costs are related to insurance.  Many owners or contractors utilize various insurance programs when it comes to a new project. 

Some of the best overall OCIP Insurance Companies and Builders Risk Insurance Providers

What types of Claims are Excluded?

It is imperative that you review your proposal or policy and double check exactly what coverages you have. If you are not sure, ask your insurance agent and they can tell you (your insurance agent should know the answers to your questions when it comes to Building Program Insurance.  Below is an example of the types of claims usually NOT covered under Builders Risk, OCIP, CCIP, COC or Wrap Up Insurance. This is not meant to serve as an entire list of all the exclusions, just a glimpse of some of the items you may want to review. Check your policy or proposal for a full list of details, and ask your insurance agent at the same time. 

Click here for more information about flood insurance. Just remember that flood insurance and run off water is usually an excluded type of loss under most insurance policies.