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At Kelly Insurance Group,  we provide you with honest and personal service for your Flood Insurance needs.  We can help with all service aspects of your National Flood Insurance Policy, or your privately placed Flood Coverage.  We can order Flood Zone Mapping, Elevation Certificates, change your flood policy, and even quote/bind new flood insurance through our Flood agency.  

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You don’t have to live in a flood zone to suffer a flood. In fact, 35-45% of flood insurance claims happen in Flood Zone X, which is not even in a high risk flood zone.  To make things even more problematic, Flood Insurance Claims are typically not covered by Home Insurance. There is actually only a few carriers that can include (for an extra premium) flood coverage under a home insurance policy, and even those insurance companies have significant limitations and exclusions.  You need to consider adding flood insurance to your risk management portfolio, or at least see what it would cost.

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Flood Insurance

What does a Flood Insurance Policy Cover?

How to Update or Change Your Flood Insurance Policy

Flood Insurance has 2 main coverage components that you must select to have coverage :  1)Building or Home and 2)Personal Property or Contents.

When the structure coverage and ‘removables’ coverage is chosen, you will have flood insurance for your home systems (appliances, refrigerator, air conditioner, etcetera) as well as the walls, exterior and the property within the walls.

Make sure you choose the right Flood Insurance Coverage Limit and the right Flood Deductible for you.

There are many different ways to get changes made to your current flood policy.  Some policyholders may call various phone numbers including 800 numbers.  If you have a Flood Policy, simply call our office or contact us today.   You don’t need a policy with us in order for us to help.  Give us a Try!

Although we make every effort to help everyone that contacts our office, we may not be able to fully service flood insurance policies issued by : Progressive Flood Insurance, USAA Flood Insurance, GEICO Flood Insurance, Selective Flood Insurance, Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance, and State Farm Flood Insurance.  There are other carriers that may not allow us to fully service your policy, but contact us today and we can at least help point you in the right direction.  We are a friendly group of insurance agents.  

Kelly Insurance Group, The Flood Insurance Agency of Choice for mindful customers, currently can fully service Assurant Flood Insurance, American Bankers Flood Insurance, Lloyds of London Flood Insurance, NCIP Flood Insurance, Farmers or Foremost Flood Insuracne