The Mt. Lebanon Foundation for Education (MLFE)


Kelly Insurance is delighted to announce our collaboration with the Mt. Lebanon Foundation for Education (MLFE).  By partnering with MLFE, Kelly Insurance reaffirms its commitment to the community and to the future of our children, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder the pursuit of innovative and enriching educational experiences in our public schools.  In an effort to support the MLFE, we promise to donate $25 for each policy quoted and sold when you contact us on this web page.  Or, just call our office for a quote @ (412) 325-1650 and mention the MLFE and we will be sure to make a donation in your name. 

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Donating $25 to MLFE for each policy purchased.

Established in 1999, MLFE has consistently demonstrated its commitment to educational excellence as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Over the years, it has proudly awarded more than 130 mini-grants, fueling a range of innovative, teacher-led projects across the full spectrum of the educational curriculum in all Mt. Lebanon Schools. This partnership underscores our shared dedication to fostering educational development and enriching learning experiences.

In the face of mounting financial pressures and increased regulations, public schools in Mt. Lebanon, like many across the nation, are navigating the challenging task of balancing innovative educational programs with budget constraints. While the community’s support through tax dollars has been commendable, the escalating need for local funding is more pronounced than ever due to limited federal and state resources.

Recognizing this critical need, Kelly Insurance proudly steps forward as a sponsor, supporting the Mt. Lebanon Foundation for Education (MLFE). MLFE, an independent, nonprofit organization, is dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for children in our community, ensuring that our schools do not just meet but exceed the standards of excellence expected in today’s educational landscape.