Hired and Non Owned Auto Insurance

Think about this situation for a moment; You have promised your crew donuts and coffee before the start of photography tomorrow. You are running late because of obvious insurance issues with your ‘other’ agent :). So, you ask your 74 year old mom to pick up the donuts and coffee at Dunkin’ and take them over to the set. Well, your mom causes a major car accident in the process and she was at fault in some pretty significant bodily injury and property damage. If you did NOT purchase this HNOA (hired and non owned auto coverage), you could be in a pretty serious situation. It may be not a donut run, but it could be a situation where you are scouting locations in your personal vehicle. Take a look at this claim example here. We do our best to include this coverage on all of our quotes. Keeping in mind this coverage can sometimes be upwards of $385.00 on the low end.