Third Party Property Damage Insurance

This coverage can sometimes be abbreviated as TPPD. Third Party Property Damage Coverage for Events and Productions is insurance that covers others peoples’ property (real property location) while it is in the care,custody, and control of the Production Company or Event. TPPD Insurance is location specific and you should scout your locations with this in […]

Cast Extra Expense Insurance

Cast Insurance or Cast extra expense coverage is an option for most all production programs. These options include blanket coverage with sickness (no medicals required), blanket coverage without sickness, and family bereavement. To put it simply if you have a cast member that becomes ill and cannot make it to the shoot that day, this […]

Hired Car Physical Damage Coverage

If you are renting a vehicle, borrowing a vehicle, or using your personally owned vehicle for your production or event what happens if you wreck the vehicle? We know that hired and non-owned auto insurance only applies to the liability that you pose to others, so how does your hired/borrowed vehicle’s damage get fixed? The […]

Hired and Non Owned Auto Insurance

Think about this situation for a moment; You have promised your crew donuts and coffee before the start of photography tomorrow. You are running late because of obvious insurance issues with your ‘other’ agent :). So, you ask your 74 year old mom to pick up the donuts and coffee at Dunkin’ and take them […]

Business Auto Insurance

The usual work of production companies does involve travel. Typically this is done in an automobile, in most circumstances. Whether you are driving to the shooting location, using a vehicle in a production, or simply running to get donuts for the crew, you need Business Auto Insurance, whether or not you own the vehicle being […]

Workers Compensation Insurance

You are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance for your production if you have employees. One of the biggest issues we find as an agency is when production companies hire subcontractors for help but they do so without really outlining the relationship to the subcontractor. The issue presents itself when/if the subcontractor injures […]

Commercial General Liability for DICE Producers and Miscellaneous Productions

Protects the assets of the production company during their film shoots. This Production Insurance type includes the bodily injury and property damage type coverages, generally speaking. If your production will be located in a public park you will certainly be required to carry this coverage. Some private locations such as large homes or plots of […]