Employment Practices Liability Insurance

This type of liability insurance is utilized and activated during the employment process as well as the hiring/firing process. EPLI Coverage can also apply to circumstances when other employees discriminate against fellow employees. Usually the types of Employment Practices Claims seen are workplace conduct claims, discrimination claims, wrongful hiring and firing claims, failing to promote, […]

Directors & Officers Insurance

Boards of Nonprofits would want to see this coverage active and in force. Directors and Officers Insurance provides defense and liability coverage for which the board members become legally liable for as decision makers of the respective Non-Profit Board. In other words, the board members become personally liable for the decisions they make as board […]

Corporate Malfeasance

This is more of an issue than it is an insurance matter. When owners and executives in a business knowingly make ‘bad’ decisions for the business and the business suffers along with others involved in the business, such is a problematic insurance situation. In most cases no matter what kind of coverage you have, there […]


Coinsurance only becomes a problem when you fail to insure the property in question to the appropriate limits. If you fail to insure you property to the appropriate limits, you would face a penalty that could cost your business it’s financial future. Here is our suggestion, insure the property in question to at least 100% […]

Certificate Wording

The first time many businesses purchase insurance is due to a contract requirement. We find contract requirements to usually include a section about insurance as it relates to the specific work the business is conducting. The agreements will likely include general liability insurance but it could also include some of the following lines of business […]

Builders Risk

This coverage can be characterized in extremely broad strokes or thin lines. Basically, builders risk insurance covers a building or renovation projects for loss during construction (usually only provides property based coverages). On one hand, builders risk can provide coverage for equipment used on a specific job site, materials to be installed, fixtures, and sometimes […]

Actual Cash Value

Not to be confused with Market Value. ACV is calculated by taking what the Replacement Cost of the Item would be, minus the amount of the item used (depreciated value), equalling the dollar amount of the remaining life expectancy of the item. We would strongly suggest Replacement Cost Coverage, not Actual Cash Value.

Workers Compensation Insurance

You are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance for your production if you have employees. One of the biggest issues we find as an agency is when production companies hire subcontractors for help but they do so without outlining or being explicitly clear about the relationship to the subcontractor. The issue presents itself […]

Film, Media, & Faulty Stock Coverage

Every film production company should consider having this coverage on their insurance plan. Once the footage is captured and stored on film or digital cards you can expose (no pun intended) yourself to new perils: For instance what if the post production team goes to download the files and they are corrupt somehow? Or what […]