Workplace Violence Insurance

Although a difficult concept to consider, workplace violence related losses could be an exclusion on most of your insurance policies. In fact, it is more than likely that unless this coverage is specifically endorsed, there is no coverage. An example of this would be if a few patrons are injured due to an altercation at […]

Workers Compensation

It is common practice, or at least it appears to be common, to see business owners excluding coverage for themselves under workers compensation insurance. We find this to be the case due to the cost savings to the business, and the usual health insurance that is in place for the owner in question. The problem […]

Water Related Damage

As an example, let’s discuss an art gallery’s insurance program. An art gallery owner (named Ray) rents space directly from the building owner, there is no management company or sales office. The building owner/landlord is a shrewd businessperson, making life difficult for the tenants working and residing in the building. Before signing the lease, the […]

Vehicle Use by Employees

Often, employees will use their own personal vehicle when conducting business dealings on behalf of their employer. When this happens, the employee is assuming the liability personally for this type of vehicle use. Further, any damage sustained to the employee’s vehicle during the business use is the responsibility of the employee. So, what ends up […]

Owner Controlled Insurance Program – OCIP & WRAP

Building projects requiring forensic type insurance programs for the purposes of control: An OCIP policy will provide the ability for contractors to submit bids irrespective of their experience modifications or their insurance program pricing. Plus, the buyer of the OCIP or WRAP policy (usually the property owner) has complete control over claims submissions, policy correspondence, […]

Host Liquor Liability

Only provides coverage under the general liability form if the insured is not in the business of manufacturing, selling, serving, or furnishing alcoholic beverages. Full Liquor Coverage provides coverage under a separate liquor liability form.

Patent Insurance

There are two different types of applicable coverage when dealing with patent based insurance coverages. Liability Only – This type of Patent Infringement covers the liability you may cause if you infringed on someone else’s patent. Patent Litigation insurance, a 1st Party type property related coverage, helps hire attorneys and compile a case in the […]

Liquor Liability Insurance

If you are an establishment that sells, serves, or helps in any way in the purchase or even consumption (in some cases) there is a chance that someone could get hurt and property could get damaged due to someone getting drunk. Liquor Liability Coverage can be purchased for a bar, restaurant, nightclub, and even for […]

Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance

Does your company use your personally owned vehicle for your company? Do you rent trucks or use other peoples’ vehicles during your work? Rental Vehicles that you rent under your business name will require hired and non-owned auto insurance liability. If you have employees’ that are using their own personal vehicles for the production then […]

False Pretense

This type of insurance would pay up to the chosen limit if you willingly give something of value to someone else, with the expectation of getting the ‘thing’ back in the future, or with the plan of getting paid for that ‘thing.’ An example of this would be the following : Let us look at […]