CRB Insurance

Product Recall Coverage

Does your cannabis operation manufacture vapes or vape pens, syringes, or some other type of THC delivery device? Having recall coverage in place would pay to help notify the affected parties and coordinate the return of the affected devices. This coverage usually only extends to 3rd party types of claims. Whereas a 1st party type

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Stock Coverage

When you are in the marijuana cultivation business, liability only coverage is not an option. CRB’s need 1st party property coverage sometimes referred to as Stock Coverage or medicine coverage. This coverage will help indemnify your CRB in the event of your stock getting damaged or stolen. Many policies will exclude a significant amount of

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Product Liability

Occasionally this coverage can be included under the same coverage section as the gl. It’s important you double check your current cannabis policy to see if the product liability coverage is included. Production Liability Insurance is super important for companies that make, sell, or distribute products, especially those in cannabis related businesses. If a consumer

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General Liability

Although typical businesses may need $1,000,000 per occurrence and a $2,000,000 general liability aggregate, your growing operation or dispensary probably needs significantly higher limits of coverage; $5,000,000 and even $10,000,000 or regular and customary limits of insurance as it relates to dispensary and cultivator insurance programs.

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