E&O Insurance

Film Consultants Malpractice

Did you have contracts signed to allow your production to use that name brand? Errors and Omissions Insurance for Producers will cover against lawsuits that are a result of wrongfully using other company brands, even if it’s accidental. Other coverages that are usually included in Professional Liability Insurance are invasion of privacy, defamation, and claims …

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Media Distribution E and O

What happens when your production company accidentally captures a major household brand in a filming scene? What if the brand is being used in the film in a disparaging manner unbecoming to the brand?

DICE Producers Errors and Omissions

Media Liability coverage that usually lasts 12 months and is renewed year after year as appropriate. D.I.C.E. based media E &O is not specific to any one project, as it ‘blankets’ the production companies portfolio of projects throughout the policy term.