Media Liability and Film Errors and Omissions

We should include the term ‘Media Liability’ within the spectrum of Entertainment and Production Errors and Omissions. For those in the creative space, coming up with original content, scripts, costumes, sets, films, etc are paramount to the success of the artist. These so-called ‘original ideas’ could get you into trouble if you have not properly […]

Film Consultants Malpractice

Did you have contracts signed to allow your production to use that name brand? Errors and Omissions Insurance for Producers will cover against lawsuits that are a result of wrongfully using other company brands, even if it’s accidental. Other coverages that are usually included in Professional Liability Insurance are invasion of privacy, defamation, and claims […]

Media Distribution E and O

What happens when your production company accidentally captures a major household brand in a filming scene? What if the brand is being used in the film in a disparaging manner unbecoming to the brand?

Multimedia Production Professional Liability

Consisting usually of a 12 month insurance term, this type of errors and omissions coverage can be more ‘blanketed’ in nature. Certainly not 100% of the time, but often this type of coverage can extend to multiple projects and multiple types of medium.

DICE Producers Errors and Omissions

Media Liability coverage that usually lasts 12 months and is renewed year after year as appropriate. D.I.C.E. based media E &O is not specific to any one project, as it ‘blankets’ the production companies portfolio of projects throughout the policy term.