Entertainment Equipment Floater

By far this is one of the most requested types of coverages at Kelly Insurance Group. We can insure your production equipment for as little as one day and for as long as 365 days. Examples of types of equipment we insure.

Foreign Productions

Most general liability policies have gaps in coverage when your production or event takes place outside of the United States. If your filming locations or event locations are taking place outside of the continental US, you need to talk with us about properly extending coverage for such an activity.

Short Term Production Insurance

If you have a production that only has a few days worth of photography, a short term production policy could be right for you and your team. Although you can have up to a $million dollar budget with this type of policy, Kelly Insurance Group suggests short term production policies for budgets of under $100,000. […]

Film Production Portfolio Insurance

If possible, we suggest these types of insurance policies for most productions that are singular in nature (not a series, for instance). Film Portfolio Coverage can be referred to by many different names by many different insurance program providers.

D.I.C.E. Producer Insurance

DICE is an abbreviation for : Documentaries, Industrial (s), Commercial (s), and Educational Films. Typically DICE Producers will have various projects throughout the year. We usually refer to these types of companies as DICE Producers but the public may refer to these as Production Companies. However and whatever your production company does, be open and […]