Advertising and Marketing Companies

Arguably the most important coverage within the business type is the set of coverages called ‘Personal and Advertising Injury.’ However, you will find that when an underwriter properly classifies an Advertising Firm as such, the resulting general liability coverage will exclude ‘Personal and Advertising Injury,’ but all of the other coverages typical to the general […]

Trucking and Transportation of Product

This can be an extremely troublesome area as federal law is still different from state laws. That is, the transportation from outside of the U.S into the U.S. would certainly be a problem. Further, in many cases even transporting the cannabis between New York and New Jersey (as an example) could result in a felony. […]

Holding Companies

Often we find multiple corporations being involved during the growth of a medical marijuana business. One LLC may own the property/building and then another ‘C’ Corporation owns the vehicles used to transport the canna. Perhaps another ‘S’ Corporation or Partnership owns the license and rights to specific strains. A different company altogether could be renting […]

Distillation Companies

With the onset of medical canna being legalized in many states and commonwealths in the United States, this type of business will extract oils and other waxes from medical marijuana flower for use in various devices for which the distillate can be consumed (i.e. by vaporizing, burning, or ingesting, etc).

Seed and Propagation Consultants

Every plant needs to start somewhere. Within the medical marijuana community there is much effort in the field of studying cultivars and the genetics of the plant’s respective seed. If your canna business genetically modifies, tests, or comes up with new types of seeds, chances are you will need Professional Liability amongst many other types […]

Research and Development

Similarly classified as medical marijuana testing labs, these outfits will certainly need some form of professional liability insurance. Otherwise known as malpractice insurance or errors and omissions, this type of insurance can help labs and other medical cannabis facilities protect their assets against their failure to do, or the failure to do something properly, among […]

Testing Laboratories

Within a regulated pharmaceutical type of industry, such products developed need extensive research and testing. If this is your business type, we have accessible insurance options. Usually the underwriting is more extensive with the regulated testing of products, however we can help find a solution that fits your needs.


Vapes, Electrical Apparatus, Delivery Systems, and other ‘adult’ devices don’t need to be 100% assembled by you for you to be considered a manufacturer. Insurance Companies usually ask questions like, ‘are you helping to assemble any of the products sold?’ or ‘do the business re-label or place their own branding on products manufactured elsewhere?’

Cultivators and or Farming Operations

In the business of growing medical marijuana? Whether using farmland or indoor greenhouses, the risks could be widely different when growing product for research or sale.

Marijuana Dispensaries

The retail side of the CRB industry. Typically storefront operations or stand alone buildings make up the majority of this classification. Different forms of Consumables could include : Pills, Extracts, Shatter, Wax, Oil, Budder, Resins, Liquids/Tinctures, Skin Ointments, Band-Aid type patches and whole or ground flower.