Our agency can provide various coverages for businesses engaged in recording studios. Such a studio can include major motion picture studios or a small music recording studio in the basement of a small suburban office building. Often times a production company will hire, or use the facilities of a post production studio to complete their […]

Short Term Productions & Events

If you know your production or event will be done and finished within 30 days, a short term production policy could be the option for you. Although these options are extremely affordable, if you are required to carry high limits of a specific coverage, you may not be able to change this type of coverage […]

Movie Boats

Using any type of vessel in your production? This coverage must be endorsed if you own or plan on renting any boats and using them in any way during your production.

Hip Hop and Rap Concert Insurance

Our agency has insured numerous concerts involving some of the biggest names in the hip hop artist community. Kelly Insurance Group can help insure your next show. We have multiple insurance companies that can typically turn around a quote for your festival or rap concert in as little as a day. If you have a […]

Film Schools

Educational development in the creative arts is an area that can be hard to insure. Fortunately, our agency has access to a few programs that can provide general liability and property related coverages to private schools and departments within Colleges or Universities. Developing film productions or even a student thesis production could be incredibly expensive […]

Film Production Portfolio & Feature Film Insurance

We tend to think of feature films as intended to have a release to the public at some point in the future. We also tend to think of these types of films as taking longer than 60 or even 90 days for principal photography. When you aren’t sure how long a film will take to […]

Equipment Rental Houses

Equipment houses can either rent out their equipment without operators, or you can find the same business renting equipment out with operators. An equipment rental house may have a Stageline sl250 that requires only trained crew to operate. Such could be the case for any number of Production related equipment rental houses. Is your rental […]

Events & Festivals

With over 40 years experience insuring music festivals and writing special event policies, Kelly Insurance understands that planning and executing a special event or music festival can be a costly task. That’s why we have partnered with the industry’s best entertainment insurance companies. Within our special events program, coverage can be provided on a short […]

Concerts and/or their Promoters

From the biggest arena known to the small city venue our insurance programs can meet budgets both big and small. Many insurance agents that compete in the marketplace cannot provide coverage for all genres of music – Our agency can provide coverage for ALL genres. As an innovator of production and entertainment related insurance we […]

Cancellation Coverage or Event Cancellation

This type of insurance can be written to cover against weather events and other various reasons for the event being canceled. Cancellation coverage can also include an artist failing to show for a scheduled event. There are various different types of insurance policies available for extremely specific situations. Unfortunately, it is difficult/expensive/impossible at times to […]