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Entertainment and Production Insurance

Entertainment Insurance

With the financial incentives of producing movies in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas the insurance industry has developed extra-ordinary programs for every production company. Not only can we insure the planning, creating, developing, and shooting of the media, but we also have pre and post-production insurance available.

Annual Productions/DICE

Production Insurance for annual productions can provide all coverage necessary for productions such as Television Shows and Motion Pictures. Contact us for further information or for a quote.

Available Coverage
  • Rented Equipment
  • Owned Equipment
  • Props, Sets and Wardrobes
  • General Liability
  • Office Contents and Business Personal Property
  • Automobile Coverage with Liability and Physical Damage
  • Workers Compensation
  • Cast Insurance
  • Negative and/or Faulty Stock
  • Extra Expense
  • Third Party Property Damage

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Short Term Productions

Short Term Production Insurance can provide all the necessary coverage for productions with budgets less than $1,500,00 and a duration not lasting more than 1 year. Contact us for further information or for a quote.

Available Coverage
  • General Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Cast Insurance
  • Negative and/or Faulty Stock
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • Workers Compensation
  • Automobile Coverage with Liability and Physical Damage
  • Business Property and Office Contents
  • Extra Expense
  • Props, Sets, and Wardrobe

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Entertainment Equipment Floater

This type of Entertainment Equipment Insurance typically offers all risk coverage for scheduled entertainment equipment such as cameras, editing, musical, lighting, etc. Contact Us for further information or if you need a quote.

Other Types of Equipment that can be insured:
  • Sound Equipment
  • Theatre Equipment
  • Film/Negative Faulty Stock
  • Rented Equipment
  • Editing and Post-Production Equipment
  • Recording Studio Equipment
  • Lighting Equipment
  • And many other

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Producers and Distributors Errors and Omissions Insurance

Producers Errors and Omissions Insurance protects the producing company and/or distribution company against numerous lawsuits. In addition to the policy limits defense costs are also included. Contact Us for further information or for a quote.

Some examples of lawsuits against production companies are:
  • Slander or defamation
  • Non-permitted use of names
  • Copyright infringement
  • Breach of contract or trust
  • Unauthorized use of music, plots, and material.

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Types of Eligible Productions

  • "The Making of" Videos Insurance
  • Animation Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Community TV Interview Insurance
  • Corporate Video Insurance
  • Demo Reel Shoot Insurance
  • Digital Video Insurance
  • Direct Sale Videos Insurance
  • Director's Reel Insurance
  • Documentary Insurance
  • Editing Insurance
  • Educational & Training Fiilm Insurance
  • Experimental Film Insurance
  • Feature Film Insurance
  • Festival Reel Insurance
  • Film Promotion Insurance
  • Independent Feature, Low Budget Insurance
  • Industrial Insurance
  • Infomercial Insurance
  • Instructional Video Insurance
  • Live Action Shot Insurance
  • Miscellaneous Production Insurance
  • Motion Picture Insurance
  • Music Video Insurance
  • Non Airing Pilot Insurance
  • Photography Shoot Insurance
  • Pick-up Shoot Insurance
  • Point of Sale Video Insurance
  • Post-production Insurance
  • Pre-production Insurance
  • Promotional Video Insurance
  • Public Access Program Insurance
  • Public Service Announcement Insurance
  • Reality Based TV Show Insurance
  • SAG Experimental Insurance
  • SAG Limited Exhibition Insurance
  • SAG Modified Low Budget Insurance
  • Sales Video Insurance
  • Short Film Insurance
  • Soap Opera Insurance
  • Spec Commercial Insurance
  • Spec Production Insurance
  • Television Pilot Insurance
  • Television Series Insurance
  • Television Special Insurance
  • Thesis Film Insurance
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Training Video Insurance
  • Video Biography Insurance
  • Video Game Shoot Insurance
  • Video Location Survey Insurance
  • Video Shoot (Miscellaneous) Insurance
  • Insuring an Animal on Set
  • Insurance for Blanks
  • Insurance for Stunts
  • Hot Air Balloon Aerial Shoot Insurance
  • Aerial Photography
  • Dance Club Insurance
  • Insurance for Dance Clubs
  • Insurance for Raves
  • Rave Insurance
  • Techno Dance Club Insurance
  • Traveling Entertainment Insurance
  • Insurance for Traveling Shows and Entertainers
  • Insurance for LGBT Documentaries
  • Insurance for Stage Shows
  • Insurance for Stage Operators
  • Touring Band Insurance
  • Insurance for Light and Sound Technicians
  • Audio Technician Insurance
  • Studio Photography Insurance
  • Wedding Insurance
  • House Music Festival Insurance
  • Expo Event Insurance
  • Home and Garden Show Insurance
  • Insurance for Association Events
  • Host Liquor Liability Insurance for Events
  • Event Cancellation Insurance
  • Weather Insurance
  • High School Event Insurance
  • Insurance for Orchestras
  • Bands/Artist Insurance
  • Surety Bonds for Municipalities
  • Insurance for Productions on Government Property
  • Productions that Require Specialized Certificates of Insurance
  • Insurance for 1099 Subcontractors
  • SubContractor Insurance
  • Rented Equipment Insurance
  • Insurance for Foreign Events
  • Out of Country Production Insurance
  • International Production Insurance
  • Art in the Park Event Insurance
  • Sports and Leagues Insurance
  • Insurance for a Fake Fight
  • Event Promoter Insurance
  • Concert Promoter Insurance
  • Entertainment Staffers Insurance
  • Cast and Crew Medical Insurance
  • Cast and Crew Group Accident
  • Workers Compensation for Actors
  • Workers Compensation for Crew
  • General Liability for Producers
  • General Liability for Entertainers
  • General Liability for Production Companies
  • Liability for Stunts
  • Liability for Animals used during Productions
  • Liability Insurance for Distribution
  • Liability Coverage for Bands
  • Liability Insurance for Short Term Productions
  • Insurance for Cartoons
  • Liability Insurance for Animated Films
  • Liability Insurance for Racing Scenes
  • Event Liability Insurance
  • Liability for Conferences
  • Insurance for Conferences
  • Drone Insurance
  • Liability Coverage for Drones
  • Grip Truck Insurance
  • Insurance for Rented Vehicles
  • Liability Insurance for Cranes
  • JLG Lift Insurance
  • Liability Coverage for Art Exhibits
  • Art Expo Insurance
  • Insurance for Mixed Martial Arts Instructors
  • Insurance for Broadcasters
  • Liability Insurance for Yoga Studios
  • Production Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Political Commercial Insurance
  • Insurance for Campaigns
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Travel Accident
  • Trip Interruption Insurance
  • Wellness and Personal Growth Conference Liability
  • Liability Coverage for Feature Films
  • How Its Made Video Insurance

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